Setting up your own VPN with Algo - Part 2

Setting up your own VPN with Algo - Part 2

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Configuring your devices with the VPN

You should have a folder on your personal computer (not on your server) containing all of the configuration files that Algo created.

Here’s a list of each config file and the device they’re intended for:

  • android_{username}_helper.html - Android
  • android_{username}.sswan - Android
  • cacert.pem - Linux
  • ipsec_{username}.conf - Linux
  • ipsec_{username}.secrets - Linux
  • {username}.mobileconfig - OSx and iOS apple devices
  • {username}.p12 - Windows AND Android
  • windows_{username}.ps1 - Windows

Let’s configure those devices!

Configuring on an Apple OSx computer

Follow this picture guide:

And now you’re connected on your apple OSx device!

Configuring on an Apple iPhone iOS device

With iPhones, opening the mobileconfig file should automatically trigger a VPN setup, but only if you use AirDrop or the Mail app.

I sent mine to my phone using email so I had to open it using the iOS mail app and double tap on it.

If you see a screen asking for a PASSCODE - it’s asking for the one that unlocks your phone.

There! Now you can toggle your VPN on and off in settings. If you configured Algo to use on-demand, it will automatically connect for you.

Configuring on a Windows machine

This was performed on Windows 10.

Picture guide:

To open the command prompt as an administrator, search for it in the Start menu, right click on it, then click ‘run as administrator’.

In the command prompt, type:

cd \Users\{your-windows-account-name}\Desktop

# Your windows account name is the name of the 
# profile you logged into windows as.

And run this line:

powershell -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -File windows_{username}.ps1 Add

Configuring on an Android phone

** Make sure you have the p12 key from the algo certificate! (it should have printed in the terminal when the server was installed) **

Taken from the Algo Android guide

With Androids, we need to download the Strong Swan Client app to have Algo work.

Picture guide:

This next part is a little tricky. Open the android_{username}_helper.html file. Before clicking on the link, make sure that the URL points to: file:///storage/emulated/0/Download/android_{username}_helper.html

Then click on the link. The Strong Swan app should open.

This next part will need the p12 password (that was printed in the terminal with the success certificate when algo was installed.)

Configuring on a Linux machine

I don’t have my own Linux laptop or access to one so I haven’t been able to do this for myself yet. You can follow Algo’s guide though. If anyone wants to send me screenshots of their setup, I’ll be happy to upload it here!

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