Git Without Github

Git Without Github

When I read this summer about the experiences shared by some of Github’s former employees about the harassment and toxic workplace environment they faced, I immediately cancelled my $7/mo ‘Developer’ plan with Github.

It upsets me when I read an article about people being the target of sexism, racial discrimination, intimidation, and outright misogyny in tech. I love to code. Switching my career from emergency room nursing to software engineering changed my life. I want everyone who enjoys coding as much as I do to be able to code and engineer up to their fullest potential. But half of the women working in tech, science, and engineering will leave the industry mid-career. Why? Because of sexual harassment, because of the male-dominated culture - because of men.

When women must choose to leave something that they love because of the men working in their field, something has gone horribly wrong. This shouldn’t be a thing that happens. This is a form of oppression and one of the many evils in our male-dominated society.

Men need to read and learn about what women experience around them. Men need to start giving a shit about women’s well-being beyond how it serves them (men). For some men, it takes finding the courage not to go along with the de-facto brogrammer culture they may find themselves in. Don’t laugh at misogynistic jokes out of obligation. Examine your own relationships with women and your own biases/expectations. Speak up when someone is being an idiot. Support women without expecting anything in return - maybe read a guide on allyship! Other men might need some serious introspection to figure out whatever is at the root of their deeply ingrained misogyny.

Men, along with recognizing their own privileges and changing their behaviors, need to demand more from themselves and the companies they work for. Every company should require regular inclusiveness and allyship trainings and be monitoring men for “non-empathetic communication”.

And let’s stand in solidarity with the people who routinely face toxic workplace environments. Let’s materially and morally support the people who have to endure this. And let’s stop paying Github money for things that we can do without them!

About This Series

Git is a free software that’s not owned by Github. Anyone can use it and if you’ve used Github, you may already have. It was created by Linus Torvalds who, while famous for his work on the Linux kernal, is also part of the problem with toxic tech culture.

Github’s main draw - their UI, static hosting, and contributor features - are all free. It’s fine to use them. It’s worth noting though that some of their competitors, Gitlab and BitBucket do all of the same things but provides you with private repositories for FREE.

Periodically I’ll be posting new tutorials on how to adopt and build some of the paid and free features that Github provides to you. The resources are out there on how to do things like set up private repos, implement continuous integration, spin up a basic Git UI, protect your master branch, and so on. Stay tuned!

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